Thursday, July 13, 2017



The robot is fully lokiruet position.

  • When the buy signal closes the position for sale.

  • When the signal on the sale closes a buy position. 

Input parameters

  • SaveQuotes - save the quotation for the first terminal.

  • SaveQuotes - open quotes and trading for the second terminal.

  • symbol - symbol.

  • OpenLevel - signal strength.

  • SlippageOpen - slip at the opening.

  • SlippageClose - slippage of the closure.

  • MinTimeMinut - the time between the closing of positions.


  1. To start the adviser need to set it to brokers with quick quotes with the parameter SaveQuotes = true, and the slow broker parameter SaveQuotes = false

  2. To work counselor open two positions buying and selling. Or open only one position to buy or sell.


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