Tuesday, October 17, 2017

European stocks were down on T

European stocks were down on Tuesday

This is the second
straight session on Tuesday came down
stock indices of the Old World.

affected the market sentiment German
Statistics and Spanish. consumer
prices in Germany fell by 0.2% year on
terms - again, six months after the
January events in the largest economy
Eurozone deflation. AT
Spain deflation expected, but instead of 0.5%
predicted by analysts, its value
It proved to 1.2%.

Stoxx Europe 600 down
0.32%; CAC 40 lost 0.31%;
DAX dropped to 0.35%; FTSE
100 decreased by 0.83%.

down the pharmaceutical sector:
Novo Nordisk has lost 1.8%
capitalization, fell 8.1% Hikma

Glencore yesterday
He has publicly stated that he had no
problems with solvency. the
believe a certain part of investors,
therefore shares the concern rose yesterday
17%, thus recouping some of
30% misfit loss Monday.

And here
Volkswagen continues to walk
down: yesterday it lost 3.9%. In the media there
uncomfortable about that,
Group leadership back in 2005 - 2006 years
it was decided to supply diesel cars
special "bugs" to falsify
Ecotest results.

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Data on US GDP in second quarter

Data on US GDP in the second quarter of the newly revised

According to the latest,
have final data, real growth
US GDP in the second quarter exceeded
3.9%, while analysts expected to see
figure at 3.7%. Ministry
US Department of Commerce initially reported that GDP
the country grew by 2.3% in the previous quarter,
then figure revised and agreed
on the belief that the increase was 3.7%. By the way,
in the first quarter of this year, GDP showed growth of only 0.6%.

At the same time real
growth in consumer spending in the country
It accelerated to 3.6%. This figure also
grew old calculations given the data
about 2.9%, then - 3.1% growth. In the first
quarter - 1.8%.

At the end of October will be released
the first estimate of US GDP for the third
quarter (29 October).

after the release of
Report EUR / USD pair sharply
collapsed - at the level of 1.1154 to 1.1127, however,
immediately returned to growth - to 16:13 MSK
the pair is trading at 1.1158.

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Monday, October 16, 2017



FXrent - fully adaptive trading system. Applicable trade strategy is constant adaptation to the behavior of the commodity price. On the "quiet" market is being "baffle" strategy, with strong movements rynka- "breakout" strategy. And Advisor FXrent he adjusts the option to use each tool.

When the price is only a tool, and as a function of this position is taken on the opening decision.

trading strategy - Scalping aggressive, but with a low risk for the deposit.

The day may open / close to 100 transactions.

adviser FXrent easily adapts to any market conditions.

With the power of the Advisor settings, you can "take profit-loss" as the standard for TP, and in "total profit-loss" in the account currency.

Numerous filters allow you to use a comfortable trading conditions, such as:

  • reverse signals,

  • the possibility of increasing the position the next time the market or trading% of the deposit,

  • control the spread,

  • time control of the EA,

  • closing of all positions at the close of the market,

  • the opening of the filter positions, depending on the indicator BBbands,

  • trailing stop,

  • transfer function in the "break-even position,"

  • the possibility of notification by e-mail, the PUSH notification, doing business magazine,

  • It works with ECN accounts.

Advisor recommended for use on the M5 chart, M15, but it is possible and all other charts.

Currency pair can be any, trading instrument XAUUSD is also very interesting.

All the necessary information about the trade appears anywhere on the screen (by default, left)

  • Time

  • Last spread

  • Balance, equity

  • The number of open positions

  • Profit Loss

  • System settings

options Advisor

  • BB - "===== BB Filter =====";

  • Use_BB_Filter - inclusion filter, calculated on the indicator Bollinger Bands

  • Time_Frame_BB - the period for calculating the indicator Bollinger Bands

  • Trading - "===== TRADING =====";

  • SecondsMarket - timing of price movements

  • PriceChange - the number of price points passed

  • Time_Frame - usage period counselor / 0 = current schedule

  • Take_Profit_Pips - Take profit, specified in paragraphs

  • Stop_Loss_Pips - Stop loss, specified in paragraphs

  • Take_Profit_Money - profits in the account currency, while achieving all that was in the deal closes

  • Stop_Loss_Money - a loss in the account currency, at which all trades are closed

  • Start_Lot - the initial volume of positions

  • Max_Lot - the maximum amount for the open positions at which positions are opened initial volume

  • Auto_Lot - inclusion of trade% of the deposit

  • Lot_Percents -% of the deposit for open positions if Auto_Lot = true

  • Lot_Multiplier - multiplication factor for the subsequent discoveries of positions

  • System - "===== SYSTEM =======";

  • Period_BB - Bollinger Bands indicator calculation period for the adaptation of the position opening

  • Level - calculation Bollinger Bands indicator bandwidths for adapting the opening position

  • Combine_Buy_and_Sell - switch function, in which the possible closure of the divergent positions after reaching the profit / loss in the currency of the account

  • Min_Delay_Minutes - opening position subsequent delay in minutes

  • Buy_After_Sell_Only - switch function, in which is possible to open one position and SELL BUY

  • Enable_Reverse_Trades - Reverse switch signals

  • MaxOrdersTrade - the maximum number of open positions

  • Spread - "===== SPREAD FILTER =====";

  • Use_Spread_Filter - inclusion of the spread limiting function

  • Max_Spread - the maximum level of the spread, in which the opening position can not be

  • Trailing - "===== TRAILING STOP =====";

  • Enable_Trailing_Stop - inclusion Trailing_Stop function

  • Trailing_Stop_Start_Level - the initial level at which the function is activated Trailing_Stop

  • Trailing_Stop_Distance - distance to the prices of Trailing_Stop

  • BreakEven - "===== BREAK EVEN =====";

  • Enable_Break_Even - inclusion of the break-even function

  • Break_Even_Level - the distance at which the function is activated breakeven

  • Break_Even_Profit - minimum profit margin


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Friday, October 13, 2017

ACE Oscillator Adx plus Double

ACE Oscillator Adx plus Double Keltner Bands

This is very useful on the basis of the oscillator ADX intersections plus Double Keltner Channels Crosses (development on the basis of my own indicators / ostsillyatorovACE ADXCrosses and ACE ADXCrossOnChart).


  • The color histogram indicates the intersection D + / D- with a trend (green up / down orange-pink) or without a trend (white) on the basis of the main ADX (ADXon -te above level 24).

  • The signals (arrows) indicate the order with a high probability (long / short) based on the intersection D + / D-.

  • Colored line (green / orange-pink) shows the basic level ADX below ADXon (i.e .: the main ADX - 24) to determine a trend.

  • Signals (horizontal line) at + 20 / -20 mean deviation from the first intersection KC strip (k shift); and the signal (line) at + 30 / -30 shows a second intersection departing from KC strip (shift n).

On the main chart shows the spread and time to the next bar.

Input parameters

  • ADX Period - ADX period (14).

  • Limit for ADX main trending signal - ADX limit for the main trend of the signal (24).

  • Filter for min cross signal - filter for minimum crossing signal (x1000): (0.0 ...).

  • period MA - period moving average (mode SMA / price Typical) (20).

  • period ATR - during ATR (10).

  • k shift: first deviation band (upper and lower channel strip) (2).

  • n shift: second band rejection (the lower and upper channel strip) (4).

ACE Oscillator Adx plus Double Keltner Bands

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European stock indicators finished

European stock indicators finished Wednesday growth, quarter - falling

In trading Wednesday
Europe closed mostly in
green, but the third quarter of the stock
indices of the Old World have finished
the biggest drop since 2011.

Stoxx Europe 600 yesterday
It added 2.5% but fell from early June

FTSE 100 rose
Wednesday 2.6%, CAC 40 - also by 2.6%; DAX
firmed 2.2%.

for the quarter - the result of a global
the economic downturn. Here - and the results
anxiety of investors about
Chinese demand for European goods,
and the result of uncertainty on the rise
Fed, and the response to the general deterioration
prospects. But while analysts do not
hurry to talk about a bear market, because
the volume of monetary stimulus on
around the world are still high.

in the euro zone published a large number of
macroeconomic data, the lion's share
It was negative. In Germany below
forecasts turned out to be the volume of retail
sales, the number of unemployed increased
for 2000, although it should have been reduced by
5000. UK GDP for the II
quarter restated downward:
it grew by only 2.4% in annual terms,
Although projections show a figure of 2.6%. CPI
for the euro area as a whole it was below zero,
value showing 0.1%. It means that
Europe so far and can not get out
from deflation.

As for the individual companies, the continued
grow Glencore, which
It gained 14% against the growth in metals prices.
Rio Tinto added 2.8%.

Volkswagen AG, it seems,
It reached a bottom in its capitalization,
therefore it increased by 2.7% yesterday.

on shares of Deutsche Lufthansa improved
to "buy", so the shares airlines
It increased by 6.2%.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017



Hadge - expert at the same time opens a position BUY (the main characters) and SELL (on hedge-symbol), closes a position with a positive profit for Take Profit and opens a new one in the same direction, the position of a negative profit averages in the 'Averaging' time after ' AveragingLevel 'points. After closing the averaged position Take Profit or Stop Loss (TrailingStop) nonaveraging also locked position, regardless of the outcome.

Trading volume is used to open positions, depending on the deposit. It is possible to limit the maximum amount of risk in% of the deposit.

Parameters trading advisor may change without disconnecting the expert through its interface (see. "Screenshots" section).

schedule period is irrelevant.

Expert works with four- and five-digit quotes with.

Expert Settings:

  • Volume - volume position in% of the current balance;

  • Risk - the risk level in% of balance at which expert closes a position on and off;

  • Averaging x - fold averaging position with a negative profit;

  • AveragingLevel Pip - averaging level position with a negative profit;

  • TakeProfit - the level of Take Profit in points for the fixing of profit;

  • TrailingStop - activation of function "trailing stop" c Breakeven levels on average position;

  • Breakeven - level task (in points) transfer transaction tracking and loss-of function "trailing stop";

  • Symbol Hage or Suffix (.h) - a symbol of a pair of hedge or a suffix to the main pair. 

EXAMPLE suffix: main pair - EURUSD; a pair of hedge - EURUSD.h (.h suffix).

An example of a character named hedge: the main steam - NZDUSD; symbol pair hedge - AUDUSD.

hedge pair can be any currency pair that allows you to organize the "Castle", at the discretion of the trader.

Available questions Please send to ms83mab@mail.ru.


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Elder Force Index With ATR Channe

Elder Force Index With ATR Channels

Adding a channel average true range (Average True Range, ATR) to the index force (Force Index) was proposed Kerry Lovvornom. The addition of these channels makes the Force Index in an excellent tool to determine intermediate peaks and valleys. Strength Index with ATR TV does not capture all the turns, but the ones he determines deserve serious attention.

Note: the word "true" in the Average True Range refers to the elimination of gaps in the price. Since the index forces are no gaps, there ATR coincides with the average range.

Whenever Force Index rises above or falls below its channel 3-ATR, this means that the ticker reached unsustainable extreme. In these zones, depleted ups and downs, and the prices tend to unfold. This is one of the few instruments that are equally effective in the call both the upper and lower regions. Elder-disk sets red arrow on the graph when EMA strength index lying above the channel 3-ATR. He places a red arrow below the graph, when the EMA falls below the duct 3-ATR.

According to our experience, these signals are especially works well on the weekly chart. Of course, users can experiment with them on any timeframe.

To prevent smoothing charting any extreme value, Force Index with ATR Channels programmed to reject the value of 4-ATR. This feature can be disabled by using the parameter 'Shrink values ​​too high' (true = enabled, false = disabled).

Input parameters

  • Length for EMA of Raw Force Index (13) - EMA length values ​​for untreated Force Index

  • Length for EMA of Bands (21) - length EMA upper and lower bands.

  • Applied Volume (Tick volume) - the amount for the calculation of Force Index.

  • Shrink values ​​too high (true) - discard Force Index value above 4-ATR. Set to False to retain the original value.

  • Color of spike signs (red) - splashes of color arrows.

  • Size of spike signs (2) - the size of the burst arrows.

You can choose which to use the Force Index: original "classic" version or a new one, with a ATR channels. One possibility is the use of the new Force Index with ATR Channels on your original weekly charts and smoothed Force Index on the daily chart.

Advice on the format: strength index channel 7 has graphs - the index of power smoothed strength index, the upper and lower ranges of 1, 2 and 3 ATR.

Strength Index is drawn blue thick line. Average strength index - a solid red line. The upper and lower band 1 ATR are drawn by dotted lines. The upper and lower bands in the ATR 2 are drawn with broken lines. The upper and lower bands in the ATR 3 are drawn by solid gray lines.

Elder Force Index With ATR Channels

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European stocks were down on T

European stocks were down on Tuesday This is the second straight session on Tuesday came down stock indices of the Old World. negatively ...