Thursday, December 14, 2017

Info Panel

Info Panel

Excellent "dashboard" which displays the following information about the symbol of the current chart:

  • The height of the current candle in pips;

  • The height of the current candle body in pips;

  • ATR value in pips on any timeframe that you choose;

  • Spread in pips;

  • Time in GMT;

  • Price (red color indicates that the price falls, green - growing).

You can change the panel anchor point, color, font size, and the timeframe during the ATR, as well as shift your broker's GMT time. The following parameters are used for this:

  • ATRTimeFrame - select a timeframe ATR (1, 5, 15, 30, 60, 240, 1440, 10080, 43200). 0 means the current chart timeframe.

  • ATRPeriod - period ATR. By default, 14.

  • GMTHoursOffset - offset (+/-) from your broker time. Default 2.

  • Corner - angle bindings. 0 - Left upper, 1 - upper right, 2 - left lower, 3 - right lower.

  • FontSize - font size of the text. Default 8.

Info Panel

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US markets closed in positive

US markets closed in positive territory yesterday, Twitter shares rose Bloomberg deception

Tuesday America Stock
completed on the rise. indexes went
up after the stock prices
chipmakers and biotechnology
companies, even despite weak reports
Retail sales in the United States. Today
market awaits Bernanke speech Janet
Yellen in the House of Representatives
US, tomorrow she will have in the Senate.

"I'm a little disappointed
Data on retail sales, so
rally in the market has surprised me - recognized
trader Themis Trading LLC Mark Kepner. - Maybe,
the rise of the basic interest rate
Fed, which many expect
in September, it will be postponed to a
later time. The market is likely to
will provide corporate reports.
So, the week started well thanks
rather strong statements JPMorgan".

By the closing bell yesterday
index Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.42%
Standard Poor's 500 - by 0.45%, while the Nasdaq Composite
rose to 0.66%.

Shares of JPMorgan Chase rose
1.4% when it was revealed that the net
Bank profits rose in the second quarter.
Shares of Wells Fargo rose 0.9% in the same reports
in the preceding quarter. The value of shares Micron
Technology Inc. It jumped by 11% when held
rumor that the Chinese state-owned company
Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd. He wants to buy American
manufacturer of memory chips for $ 23 billion.
Share prices of other chip makers
also climbed yesterday: SanDisk rose
on 3,4%, Avago Technologies - by 1.7%.

Shares of Johnson Johnson fell
by 0.5%, because the company's revenue
decreased 8.8% during the second quarter.
Shares of Coca-Cola Co. at the same time more expensive
1.3% when analysts at UBS have improved on
These recommendations.

Paper oil companies
grew on Tuesday after oil WTI.
Shares of Southwestern Energy and Halliburton rose
more than 1,6%, Chevron - 1%.

Interesting story
happened yesterday with Twitter Inc. shares, which
the closure showed an increase of 2.6%. During
Trading securities company instantly
up to 8% when held in the network
the information that it wants to buy
for $ 31 billion. But later the shares were down,
when it became clear that the news of the sentence
It was a hoax. Most interesting is that
market really believed that the source
News - Bloomberg News, because it was
posted on the website that looks like
The Bloomberg website. Moreover,
except for the terrible external similarity with the site
Bloomberg, the article even have a real name
Bloomberg author. A careful study
easy to figure out the deception: the site address
I began with instead
Also in the article, it was stated incorrectly
the name of Dick Costolo, former CEO
Twitter, which recently resigned.
Bloomberg's press secretary confirmed the publication
CNNMoney, that this story - "fake" and
she appeared on a fake site, not
related to the press-service.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Why investors are categorically

Why investors are categorically not want to deal with the Swiss franc?

stress from
January jump franc fully
deprived investors' confidence in the Swiss
regulator. Funds, which in January
this year got burned on a strong jump
franc no longer work with this currency.
The last four years the Swiss
National Bank of holding back the franc in certain
borders, without giving him appreciate more
than 1.2 euro. But on January 15 the bank decided
to cancel this limitation, and later,
Franc hours rose by 40%
and caused panic in the other currency
markets, and some brokers have lost
a lot of money and were forced
completely stop their activities.

It was from that
Franc fateful day longer
It is not considered a stable currency
for funds. "Investors trust
Swiss National Bank, but
January decision to play against them, "
- says currency strategist at UBS Wealth
Management Constantin Boltz. UBS Wealth Management had
Instruments designed for stable
franc cost, but in January it
I had to record losses.

now become very cautious and
franc volatility generally fell to
zero. stability of exchange rate
near the mark of 1.05 francs per euro and to
dollar varies depending on the course
Euro. Now, when banks began to consider
Franc riskier currencies
commissions for increased by
40%. Trade turnover decreased by Fr.
tripled compared to last year
UBS data. "The risk managers
have questions franc - says
Managing Millennium Global Investments, Richard
Benson. - After the January jump they
I can not predict anything. "
Difficulties in assessing the risks and franc
uncertainty in the negotiations on
Greece repelled investors on
to make bets on the franc's fall.

The president
Swiss National Bank knew what to do -
He removed the containment strengthening
Franc just before the ECB announced
the beginning of a new incentive program
- QE. This news greatly dropped the euro, and,
to keep the franc from strengthening,
the country's central bank would have to buy
more euros. However, even
in spite of the jump in the franc at the beginning of the year,
in Switzerland it is still very strong
economy and stable financial
system. And even negative rates
not afraid of bold investors, even if the
they have to pay extra for yourself
placing money on deposit.

Last month,
when the market was waiting for a Greek referendum
demand for the franc rose again, and the central bank
I had to intervene to prevent
strengthening currency. However, no
official promises to keep the franc
at a certain level, the bank did not give,
and it is somewhat disappointed investors. "Trade
franc is difficult, - the chief
currency department Insight Investment Pol Lembert.
- On the one hand we have the central bank, and on the
other - capital flows. "

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

America rose yesterday on good

America rose yesterday on good corporate reporting

Following the auction on
Thursday US stock indexes closed
in positive territory, stocks rose on positive
reports of major corporations in the region
and on good news from Greece. Index
Nasdaq Composite reached a record high,
reports Bloomberg.

The Dow Jones Industrial
Average yesterday grew by 0,39%, Standard Poor's 500
It rose by 0.8% and the Nasdaq Composite rose for the day

Yesterday the finance ministers
eurozone countries approved for Greece
bridge loan of 7 billion euros, which
It allows Athens to repay term debt
before the ECB and enable the country
stay afloat, while there is discussion
Parts of the third aid program.
Greece's parliament also approved yesterday
package of austerity measures, which are necessary
to start negotiations with creditors
a new program to bailout.

Such news reduced
the market fears that the country will
from the euro zone. "It seems that the stock
market liked the Greek agreement,
- says Senior Vice President
Trade in ICAP Plc Ron Anari. - Now
the main engine of the market will
Fed probably we will see an increase
rates in September, and the market share is
He understands. And expect more positive
economic news".

The sharp increase in the index
Nasdaq on Thursday was largely
due to the share price jump
Netflix Inc. 18%. Paper companies rose
on reports that the number of
subscribers video streaming service
in the last quarter it has grown and surpassed
analysts' expectations. Shares of eBay Inc. yesterday
rose by 3.4%, online auction
I made a profit in the last quarter
more than planned. Shares of Citigroup Inc. rose by 3.8%, when it became known that
Bank's net profit in the second quarter
It increased by almost 30 times.

the largest producer
Intel Corp. microprocessors in past
quarter has reduced net profit by
3.2%, but the result was better again
expectations. Shares of Intel jumped
0.7%. At the same time, securities
Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp. up about

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New World Project MACD

New World Project MACD

Trend trading, scalping, hedging, martingale, multitaymfreymnaya and multicurrency work, money management, notification sound, as well as auto-correction transactions. All this offers a New World.

New World: MACD Project

MACD - is an indicator that is used in the advisor for transactions. As with any of my projects, MACD project has all the features such as automatic correction of transaction and transition from scalping to hedge or martingale.

Note: The Martingale can be used in the selection of scalping and trading in the same direction (ONE_DIRECTION_TRADING).

Project New World-MACD - a full-fledged adviser, including manual trading, indicators, trade with the trend, asset management, and multi-currency trading multitaymfreymnuyu. This allows it to trade with scalping or hedging or for intraday trading, with additional alarm functions for each closed transaction. All you need to do - adjust the settings according to the desired kind of trade.

New World calculates the lot size based on the desired amount of hedging transactions and the amount of risk. This is a new method of calculating the size of the lot to hedge, which simplifies the management of risk-return, which in turn reduces the stress in the trade.

parameters advisor

  • TRADE_STYLE - Scalping and Hedging

  • USE_LOT - Using the calculated or fixed lot size

    • EA_RECOMMENDED_LOT_SIZE - Use the lot size, designed New World based on the parameters entered.

    • YOUR_PREFERRED_LOT_SIZE - Use the lot size, user-defined

  • PREFERRED_LOT_SIZE - The lot size, user-defined

  • ALLOWABLE_SPREAD - allowable spread

  • ADDITIONAL_COMMANDS - additional commands

  • MAX_PAIRS_TO_TRADE - Number of simultaneously traded currencies.

  • SCALPING_OR_NO_HEDGING - Scalping or absence of hedging

  • MAX_ORDERS_NO_HEDGING - The maximum number of orders without hedging, select 1-5 trades a couple

  • TRADE_DIRECTION - The direction of trade, the choice of one-way trade (ONE_DIRECTION_TRADING) work is carried out as in Martingale

  • TP_PIPS_NO_HEDGE - The target level of pips to take profit. In scalping or day trading can be carried out depending on the target pips.

  • SL_CALCULATE_BY - Stop-loss as the sum or the number of pips

    • RISK_AMOUNT_PER_TRADE - risk per trade. * Please note, the risk for each transaction

    • SL_PIPS_NO_HEDGE - Stop loss in pips

  • TIME_DIFFERENCE_AFTER_TRADE - The pause between each transaction

  • PIPS_DIFFERENCE_EACH_TRADE - The interval between trades in pips

  • COMMISSION_AND_SWAP - Commission to take into account in the calculations and swap

  • HEDGING_PROPERTIES - properties hedging

  • TIMES_TO_HEDGE - Number of hedges

  • RISK_LEVEL - The level of risk. 1 - the lowest, 4 - the highest

  • RISK_AMOUNT_WITH_HEDGE - risk package

  • TP_PIPS_WITH_HEDGE - The number of pips for setting take profit in the first transaction

  • PIPS_TO_HEDGE - The difference in pips for hedging

  • PIPS_TO_BREAK_EVEN - Target pips for recovery loss when first transaction

  • CLOSE_WHEN_PROFIT - Closing at profits

    • TARGET_PROFIT - The amount of profit to close

    • TARGET_PIPS - Additional target pips to transfer to breakeven

    • TARGET_PIPS_ACCURACY - Allow NEW World changing precision take-profit and stop-loss. * Note: For powerful computers we recommend using a high accuracy

  • ADDITIONAL COMMANDS - additional commands

  • CLOSE_EXCESS_PAIRS - Closure of the excessive currency

  • TIME_BEFORE_TRADE_COMMENCE - Time to start trading

  • ORDER_CORRECTION - unnecessary Take Profit, Stop Loss and pending orders, as well as the intervention of an error on the part of the user will be automatically corrected for all transactions.

  • ALERT - enabling and disabling alerts

  • SHOW_COMMENT_STATUS - Show / hide status of the commentary

  • SHOW_COMMENT_PERIOD - Show / Hide comments period

  • SHOW_COMMENT_HEDGING - Show / Hide Comments hedging

  • TOTAL_TRADE_RISK_AND_PROFIT - Shared risk and reward when trading

  • TOTAL_RISK_AMOUNT - The total amount of all transactions which you are willing to risk. When the loss is greater than this value are automatically closed "ALL" of the transaction.

  • TOTAL_TARGET_PROFIT - The total amount that you want to get out of all trades. When profit is greater than this value are automatically closed "ALL" of the transaction.

  • MACD_PROPERTIES - MACD properties

  • FAST_EMA_PERIOD - a period of rapid EMA

  • SLOW_EMA_PERIOD - during the slow EMA

  • SIGNAL_PERIOD - signal peridium

  • PRICE - price

  • SHIFT_CURRENT - current offset

  • SHIFT_PREVIOUS - previous displacement

  • MA_PROPERTIES - properties of the moving average

  • MA_PERIOD - period moving average

  • MA_SHIFT_CURRENT - current position of the moving average

  • MA_SHIFT_PREVIOUS - previous displacement of the moving average

  • METHOD - method


    • MACD_CROSS_ZERO - use the MACD crossing

    • MACD_SIGNAL_CURRENT - use the current signal MACD

    • MACD_SIGNAL_PREVIOUS - use the previous signal MACD

    • MACD_OPEN_LEVEL - use open MACD level

    • MACD_MA_SIGNAL - use the moving average MACD signal

  • CHOOSE_ADDITIONAL_PIPS - Selecting additional pips

    • EDIT_ADDITIONAL_PIPS or MACD OPEN LEVEL from minute to month timeframe

  • CHOOSE_MA_TO_USE - The method used by the moving average

  • TIMEFRAMES_USED - Choosing timeframes

  • SPECIAL_COMMAND - When selecting Yes on 3 levels will automatically close all trades

    • CLOSE_LEVEL_1 - 1 closing level

    • CLOSE_LEVEL_2 - closing Level 2

    • CLOSE_LEVEL_3 - closing level 3

New World Project MACD


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Monday, December 11, 2017

Grand Options Trader Panel

Grand Options Trader Panel

The panel for the binary options on the basis of Meta Trader 4 Grand Capital is designed for comfortable and rapid opening deals exhibiting their parameters.

Thanks to our panel, you can easily specify the amount of the transaction and the time of expiration of the option and open a deal in a few clicks. Now you do not need to enter the settings manually! There is also a variety of settings issuing transaction: volume, pitch and other expiration, except for your convenience, you can customize the look of panel: full or compact.

Trade panel allows you to open an option in three steps

  1. We set the volume.

  2. Choosing a time. *

  3. Choose the option type. **

* The time is indicated in minutes

** Click on the button of the selected option.

Input parameters

  • Languages ​​- Select a language for the panel:

    • Terminal Language - the default setting. It specifies the language of the terminal. English or Russian.

    • English

    • Russian

  • ColorScheme - choice of color schemes:

    • BlackScheme - The default scheme.

    • Teal - additional circuitry, as desired.

  • Default_Step_Change_Volume - step changes the default volume.

  • Default_Step_Change_Expiration - step change the default expiration.

  • Default_Maximum_Deviation - default slippage.

Grand Options Trader Panel

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Friday, December 8, 2017

ATR on Realtime Deals

ATR on Realtime Deals

At the time of the transaction script records the value of the indicator Average True Range (ATR) and OHLC price bars.

For quantitative analysis of trade data are stored in .CSV file format. ATR indicator parameters are specified in the input parameters of the script. Information on the location of the file is displayed after stopping the script.

ATR on Realtime Deals

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Info Panel

Info Panel Excellent "dashboard" which displays the following information about the symbol of the current chart: The height of ...